The phase of color, the rotation.

Now we tell and seeing the two picture of a rotor respectively in open circuit and close circuit, who not is nothing else who double face of the same medal, or better of the engine of drone or electric elicopter. So that we having a rotation is needed who only the phases are different, but the lenght of wave than the windings or color are the same. 

We watching also who the corresponding windings of floss represented of different lenght of wave, or lenght of the windings, represented in reality a capacity or bipole or for the duality an inductor or spiral.

The electronic circuit statics balanced at step (capacitor) open circuit (only in Continuous Current), is represented from the picture:

Rotore in C.A. Polarizzato Correttamente(For the capacitor is only the case of continuous current) Where they  elements don't touch, this elemnts in the reality are represented from coils of floss traveled of current in this case, such as represented in the picture at different induction or windings of floss, corresponds a different lenght of wave who is translated in the dominion of the frequency optical in a different color. The correct polarization for the rotation not is that where came represented the different lenght of wave, in an digital step, growing or decrease, in function of the verso considered  starting however from the red or from the blue. Than can tell who this  scale is of vectorial type, and is applicable for the use of dipole or antennas of statical type, who don't moving. In equivalent mode can be interpreted such as a capacitor, considering the distance of the two statical dipole. The impedence of the capacity is: Z=Re - j Im .

The static circuit electronic balanced a spiral or inductor is:

Rotore in C.A. ErratoThis displacement is balanced at spiral because, the travel going from blue, at green, at yellow and in conclusion at red for returning at the blue in the new level. This displacement is indicated for statical element such as inductor or spiral. The spiral o inductor if is traveled of continous current is a short circuit, in alternative current instead is caracterized of impedance Z=Re +J Im, than the immaginary part is in advance. Considering instead the windings completely posted  and traveled of alternative current of different frequency, not happen nothing, and there isn't a rotation. Repeating who in order that there is a rotation is needed who only the fase is different but the lenght of the wave, than the windings or color are the same.

The close circuit or short circuit, (who in this case depends also from the current who traveled the two rotors seed up) is this reported down:

Corto Circuito(Inductor in short Circuit) In this case not exists more the color scale but the color are mixed, losing the propely oreder. This became when in case of polarization a siral the circuit came traveled of continous current. In case of capacity there is a open circuit, only in continous current, for all the other current exept those  infinity the color is touching the one with the other.

Is not possible establish with the color the rotation of one element, because is not possible indicate the phase with the same color. Not exists the phase of one color, exists only the lenght of wave of this color, but so that came the rotation the phase must be different,  [sin(deg)+cos(deg)]. The phase define the level who travel of the wave is in the istanct of time, if is up is positive, if is dow is negative. (deg=degree=gradi).

Is only the disposition at cross who doing the phase of the color, such as the cartesian geometry, and the consideration of rotation positive the start is  a real positive value, in second time is a value up of phase or immaginary value, in third time the real negative value, and in last time a low phase, immaginary negative, and returnig in the real axis.

RotoreIn the calcolous of the pahse having N=sin(rad)+cos(rad); But we knowing for 0,28rad or 16° degree the sin is  not correct, than the rotation in this point is not correct or there is a jump of dimension, for 16° or 0,28rad. The rotation is function of the disposition of the same color, displaced digitally such as a cross, and in continuous mode such as a circle, (celtic cross). But in the mechanic tool called rotor the coils are displacei in digital mode. Continuous